About Us

Consultations and opinions on trade and corporate issues

About Us

We, the professionals at Nina Boteva Law Office, aim to provide productive and beneficial solutions to all clients` needs, thanks to our high professional standards and individual approach to each client. Our client relationships are proven with time, which we consider the most accurate appraisal for the quality of our work and the level of our legal expertise. We find a precise solution to each and every challenge our clients face, applying the most suitable approach to further our clients’ business interests.

  • Being experienced and flexible enough to structure both multi-million deals and small business transactions;
  • The ability to build lasting relationships with our clients and understand their business and legal objectives;
  • A “hands-on” approach combined with strong team cohesion to deliver timely, effective and value-added services to every client.

Our Team

Over the 25 years of her practice Nina Boteva has always relied on a team of professionals that she would first educate and then foster in career development. Continuation and transfer of knowledge are the key essentials for building-up a team. The team’s size is adapted to the needs of the local legal services market in order to assure smooth continuation of the work, avoid abrupt changes within the team and best fit the client`s requirements in terms of goals and willingness to spend resources. The team size ensures effective and qualitative work performed by the very same team presented to the clients with optimization of clients’ resources in mind and in pursuance of their ultimate business goals. Our irrevocable commitment is to always proffer the highest quality of legal services, establishing them as standards in our professional field.

We, the lawyers at Nina Boteva Law Office continuously and systematically align our knowledge and skills with current developments in the law so that we can meet and satisfy our clients` needs.


Nina Boteva Law Office is a natural step forward in the consistent professional legal careеr development of Nina Boteva, LLM. In her capacity as a former managing partner of Boteva & Kantutis Law Office for 25 years and through the present moment, Nina Boteva continues to further develop her team and practice. Being a professional with a well-established practice and vast experience dating back to the early 90s and the very first endeavours towards an open market economy in Bulgaria, Nina Boteva manages to find the most suitable solutions to the current and future business interests of her clients.

Our main feautures

We pursue an open and proactive approach for our clients in order to study current challenges and present multidisciplinary decisions. We believe dialogue and teamwork are essential for showing the full extent of the professional skills, knowledge and the creativity of our team members.

Sometimes the protection of our clients’ rights and significant interests requires a non-standard approach that our lawyers are willing to provide.

Scope of Activity

Nina Boteva Law Office provides a full range of legal services necessary for conducting business in Bulgaria smoothly. Nina Boteva and her team have broad experience with both international and local businesses.

Our Professional Network

Nina Boteva Law Office cooperates with a great number of professionals in Bulgaria, including public notaries, receivers, valuators, enforcement agents and licensed translation agencies. We work in cooperation with well-reputed foreign law firms and local practices.

Nina Boteva Law Office has association agreements with the leading Hungarian law firm Nadas Law Office, as well as with Comad S.C. Law Firm, Febo 29, Mexico D.F., Mexico and Balkan Consulting Group, with a seat in Washington D.C., USA.

The law office is a member of the AEA International Lawyers Network, International Law Referral Network and International Advisory Experts.

The law office receives constant recognition for its experience and quality of work in various international rankings for law firms. The members of our team have contributed to a number of prestigious professional legal magazines.

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